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Product development in the textile and clothing business

Following the global trends in the textile business and taking into consideration the changes that are happening right now, we have created a location where the Client may express their need, and the entire team of staff will strive to achieve the specified needs in the given or agreed terms.

The main activity of the TAKA Company is development of textile products, especially clothing business that is focused on B2B clients. It includes all stages of the trend and market research, collection development, patterns and products, to the organization of production in cooperation and exports.

Our goal is to become a focal point of supply and demand, a kind of a backbone that will represent the survival of textile and clothing industry in Croatia and our region.  

In order to succeed in our goals, we are currently looking for partners: clients, designers, suppliers, manufacturers... 


Dear visitors,

THANK YOU for being our patient and valuable followers, trying to reach us through invalid telephone numbers and e-mail addresses written in our CONTACT field, for more than two years now. 
We deeply apologize for any inconvenience you might have.
Now we (finally) updated our contact data, so you can reach us on a number of ways! Hopefully you will still like to do it!

We had a number of bad and unexpected situations through that time, trying to give our best for this business and company to survive and for our renewed team to continue to work.

During those times, we prepared our own "New Deal", a sort of a business goals with new paths, written for the next 5 years.

This include a comprehensive list of new services, made in "Re-think & Re-shape" mode, created  for you and your needs as an accurate tool in the today's textile and clothing business.

For more information ... coming soon!

Your Taka team